Morgan: Don’t be angry, participate!

Congratulations you noisy one percenters of Lodi Wisconsin! You made Lodi look “very anti-business” when a few of you were highlighted in the paper for applauding the Lodi City Council disapproving a request for rezoning by the owner of the “Old Primary School” Mr. Duane Steinhauer.

If memory serves, none of you on the City Council are commercial real estate developers, or commercial real estate brokers, or engineers, nor architects. So to explain why the requirements Mr. Tonn asked for is like putting the cart before the horse will take too many words for me to explain here.

Bottom line is that your anger is misplaced.

You are angry that Mr. Steinhauer bought the Primary School for $1,000.

You are angry that you weren’t told about the “new water pump station” that cost city taxpayers an additional $2 million on top of the voted/approved school levy price.

You are also angry that in the very beginning of the “Primary School construction” they didn’t tell us about the new road that was an extra cost.

Want to know who to be angry with? You ought to be angry with the company of engineers we paid big money to be sure that things went correctly — “on time and on budget“ — we were paying quality prices for quality work.

Our Mayor Ness and Councilwoman Groves-Lloyd took responsibility for making decisions, but they weren’t even in on this stuff in the beginning. We even had a different school superintendent when this all started. You did your duty. You hired professionals to give you the best advice necessary to make a good decision.

The so-called “engineering & contracting” geniuses on the “Lodi Primary School Building Project” need their work audited, and we citizens/taxpayers of the Lodi School District and City of Lodi should sue them for damages. We do have damages… Also, if you show up and/or participate in the school district and City Council meetings you wouldn’t be so surprised/angry. We have many professionals and talented people living in the Lodi School District, benefiting and using our services but never stepping up and helping out — time to step up and share your talents.

Thank you my neighbors,

Anna Morgan,


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