From Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River and in between, Wisconsin State Park System properties offer some breathtaking bluff views. Vote for your favorite in the Friends of Wisconsin State Parks 2019 Gold Seal Contest.

Does the Mississippi or Lake Michigan have the most scenic bluffs? Or are they found in the Coulee Region, Baraboo Hills or Central Sands region? And what Wisconsin State Park System property offers the best views of those bluffs?

That is one of the categories visitors to state park system properties are being asked to vote on in the 2019 Friends of Wisconsin State Parks Gold Seal Award contest.

The Friends of Wisconsin State Parks runs the Gold Seal Award program each year to highlight Wisconsin’s parks, trails, and forests. The organization is the umbrella organization for the more than 80 local friends groups that provide support for state park system properties. The organization’s mission is preserving, promoting, protecting, and enhancing Wisconsin state parks, forests, trails and recreation areas.

“If you are a biker, hiker, swimmer, bird watcher, snowmobiler or just a regular park visitor, cast your vote for your favorite state park, forest, or trail in one of our new categories,” said Patty Loosen, Friends of Wisconsin State Parks executive director.

The contest ends on Friday, Aug. 30, 2019 and the winning parks, forests, trails, or recreational areas will be honored with a Gold Seal Award at the Friends of Wisconsin State Parks Awards Banquet on Saturday, Nov. 10, 2019.

The 2019 categories are:

  • Best state park concession for ice cream
  • Best state park for a family picnic
  • Best state park with a handicap accessible trail
  • Best state park with scenic bluffs
  • Best state park nature center for children’s activities
  • Best state park trail to view wildlife
  • Best state park beach to build a sandcastle
  • Best state park with rustic campsites
  • Best state park with a variety of fitness options
  • Best state park/trail for winter recreation

More information, details on entering the contest and rules are available on the Friends of Wisconsin State Parks website by clicking on the tab for “Gold Seal Contest.”

For more information about Wisconsin State Park System properties, search the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website, dnr.wi.gov, for keyword “parks.”

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