Michelle Jorgensen

Michelle Jorgenson, owner of MJs Open Road Barber Shop on Main Street, poses by her client chair. She officially opened the business on July 10, 2017. 


Michelle Jorgenson said she had always dreamed of owning a Main Street establishment with big front windows. 

And her dreams officially came true when she opened MJ’s Open Road Barber Shop at 113 South Main St. on July 10.

“We walked around the downtown area here and went to breakfast across the street at [Spring Creek Restaurant and Bar],” the business owner said. “…We started asking around if anyone knew about the empty space in the Davis building, and we were told who to contact… We met up that following week and the barber pole was the deciding factor…It lit up and spun…We then knew it was meant to be.”

With today’s fast-paced world, Jorgenson said her main focus is to shift away from the hurried nature a lot of salons and barber shops have taken on, due to an ever-expanding number of clients and a fluctuating economy. 

“My day starts out with prepping my towels, turning my towel warmer on, checking my messages, turning the coffee on, making sure everything is clean and tidy and taking on my first walk-in client, or someone who has made an appointment,” the business owner said. “I’m busy all day long.”

More than anything, she said she wanted to emphasize quality service over quantity. The person sitting in her chair is her priority she said, and that’s how it is going to stay. 

She offers various services ranging from waxes to haircuts to appointment-only corrective color consultations. Other than that, she said she’s always accepting walk-ins.  

She’ll start clients off with a consultation, she said, then a haircut followed by a hot towel and shampoo/style. For men, she said she offers a complimentary neck and face shave. She punctuates her service with a shoulder massage. 

“You’re going to get that taken care of…ready for the day feel,” Jorgenson said. “Then, you can hit the open road when you’re done.”

Children 12 and under can receive a haircut for $15, women’s haircuts start at $18 and up, and men’s haircuts are $18, she said. More prices can be found on the MJ’s Open Road Barber Shop Facebook page. She said she also offers free coffee, tea and peanuts. 

Before Jorgenson started her Main Street business, she owned a barber shop in Adams-Friendship, so she knew what to expect upon opening one in Lodi. Jorgenson said she attended school before that at the Regency Beauty Institute in Madison, around 10 years ago. 

Besides owning her business, Jorgenson enjoys spending time with her family. She enjoys outdoorsy activities with her husband and looking for ways she can give back to the community through MJs Open Road Barber Shop. While she doesn’t have plans to expand, she is seeking out ways to help lower-income families in the area. 

“I love what I do,” Jorgenson said. “If you don’t look good, I don’t feel good about it…I guarantee my work.”

Jorgenson can be reached at (608) 592-6567 for appointments and general inquiries. 

This article was edited Nov. 8 at 9:03 a.m. to correct the business's phone number. 

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