Racing continued at Madtown BMX with two races last week. Riders hit the track on both Aug. 7 and 9.

Poynette’s Matthew Gulvik, Lodi’s Gauge McConnell and Morrisonville’s Jayden Carpenter led the long list of area riders on Aug. 7.

Gulvik came away with a win in the 7-8 Local Open and was the runner-up in the 9 Expert Division.

McConnell garnered first place in the 8 Novice Division. He was also second in the 7-8 Local Open.

Carpenter topped the field in the 9 Expert Division and was the runner-up in the 11-12 Local Open.

DeForest riders Isaak Snortum and Logun Meyer had the only other area wins. Snortum won the 10 Novice Division, while Meyer came out on top in the 12 Intermediate.

Elijah Pabon of DeForest was third in the 13 Expert and fourth in the 11-12 Local Open.

DeForest’s Maximilian Stenglein (8 Novice) and Jordan Mennes (15 Novice) both turned in second-place efforts, as did Windsor’s Matthew Zander (12 Intermediate)

Area riders coming away with third-place finishes were Windsor’s Zeke Pinchart (8 Novice), Ethan Lapointe (10 Novice) and Tyler Zander (8 Intermediate) and DeForest’s Cole Abrams (12 Intermediate) and Chandler Pabon (9 Expert).

Riders from outside the area who claimed division titles included Brinleigh Batz (Rio, 5-&-Over Balance Bike), Charlie Hammond (Stoughton, 11-12 Local Open and 26-35 Intermediate), Reid Nelson (Waunakee, 6 Novice), Valentins Kozlovskis (Waunakee, 15 Novice), Parker York (Crystal Lake, 6 Intermediate), Ayrton Cardoso (McFarland, 8 Intermediate), Bray Kelly (Madison, 10 Intermediate), Caid Vita (Sun Prairie, 11 Expert) and Aidan Kelly (Madison, 13 Expert).

No results were available from the Aug. 9 races.

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