Molony: Hollywood, no intelligence, imagination or humor

Have you noticed that there isn’t anything good on TV and the shows and movies that come out are remakes, spin offs and sequels? Nothing new to see here. Remaking Hawaii Five O, Rosanne, and Charlies Angels, Super Man 15, Lion King 7, (to name a few) just shows no one has any imagination or humor.

Ever wonder what the writers in Hollywood are doing? Well, they are busy writing fantasy scripts for the media and Democrat/Liberal celebrities.

Try flipping the channels during news time and see how all the “teleprompter readers” at the news desk are saying the same thing. Sometimes they even use the exact words! I don’t even have to name names! It is so obvious that all the networks use one script.

Same thing with the Liberals in politics. They all are screaming to give freebies to Illegals – paid for by hard working taxpayers.

Biden, Sanders, Warren – they all know they are not going to win – they will say anything to get their followers to send them money. It’s all about the money, the book deals and job appointments!

Why is this going on? “Dumbing Down America”/(the taxpayers) has always been their agenda. Check the history books! Not fantasy Hollywood!

Timothy Molony,


Ruesch: A letter to Democrats

My fellow Democrats should not rely on impeachment to remove Trump from office. The evidence to support impeachment grows stronger by the day. Trump by his stonewalling, and ordering his staff not to comply with Congressional subpoenas (a crime) was daring the House to impeach him. So they are moving to do just that.

But we know that it is the Republican-controlled Senate that must try him and remove him. The GOP has so debased itself in its nonsensical and often contradictory defenses of Trump (eg. “The whistle blower’s testimony is hearsay!” to “We demand that he be brought to us for questioning!” after Democrats produce first hand witnesses) that an impartial Senate “jury” seems unlikely.

So it’s up to us to beat Trump at the polls and in the Electoral College. To do this we must winnow the field of Democrats running for the nomination. Having 18 candidates is ridiculous! Such a large field makes meaningful debates impossible. It also spreads the financial resources of Democrats too thin, while the Republicans and their wealthy and corporate donors amass a huge campaign war chest.

We must choose a candidate whose policies appeal to not only the moderate wing of the Democratic Party, but to those undecided voters and suburban Republicans who have been repulsed by Trump’s lies, policies and behavior. I don’t think that the average voter wants revolution.

They would like a president who understands and respects our government, with its Constitution, laws and system of checks and balances. The Founding Fathers did not want a king or a President who acts like a king.

Trump flatters Russia’s Vladimir Putin, the North Korean dictator, and Erdogan of Turkey, while he treats our long-term NATO allies, the Kurds who fought beside us, his own intelligence services, respected state department foreign service representatives and respected military officers so shabbily. He has single-handedly caused other nations to doubt our reliability as an ally.

Before any Democrat gets too attached to any Democratic candidate, they should remember that what unites us is more important than what we don’t agree on. Even a moderate Democratic candidate will champion many of the things the progressive wing supports.

Democrats must remain united and enthusiastically support whoever the eventual nominee is and wrest control of the Senate from Mitch McConnell’s Republicans, so a Democratic president can get something done.

Stan Ruesch,


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