County Highway V construction project

People at the Lodi Town Hall meeting Thursday, June 27 look over a detailed map of the planned construction between State Highway 113 and Rapp Road.

Members of the County Highway V construction project team answered questions at the Lodi Town Hall Thursday, June 27 to get locals prepared for the upcoming work that will be taking place from Monday, July 8 through October.

The estimated $2.3 million project will be taking place between State Highway 113 and Rapp Road in Okee. In this space will be the following changes:

  • Construction of an “urban typical section” on County Highway V from State Highway 113 to the causeway, with an underground storm sewer system and outfall into the lake on the east side of Fitz’s on the Lake restaurant
  • Realignment of County Highway V at State Highway 113 intersection and Shamrock Road/Old Sauk Road intersection to improve the geometry
  • Reconstruction of the County Highway V railroad crossing, including new signals and a gate
  • Installing sidewalk on the north side of County Highway V between Old Sauk Road and Lake Wisconsin, and on the side between Madeline Summers Park and Lucky’s on the Lake restaurant
  • Bridge deck replacement on the structure over the Spring Creek inlet to extend the service life and improve the bridge railing

Jim Crowley, vice president of Parisi Construction and project manager, said the project will begin with work on the underground utilities and storm sewers and last about two weeks. Progress on the curb and sidewalk will go into late August or early September.

After Labor Day, on Sept. 3, he said the bridge crossing will be closed for roughly a month. During this period, there will also be work on pouring driveways and putting in new asphalt, which will leave some residents without access to their driveways for a period of time.

“We’re going to do our best to make that go as quickly as possible,” Crowley said. “There’s kind of no way around that.”

The construction is scheduled to take place five days a week during the weekdays. Boat traffic will be maintained through the area, minus a few days where it will be closed when parts of the bridge are being replaced.

There will also be a four-week period in August where County Highway V and the railroad will be closed in order to put in the new railroad crossing.

Traffic through the construction site will still be maintained and all businesses will be open and accessible. Chris Hardy, Columbia County Highway Commissioner, has been working with local businesses to help spread the work they are still open during this time.

Mark Obois, owner of Fitz’s on the Lake, said the next six-week period is his busiest time of the year and is expecting the construction to have an impact on business.

“That’s definitely a concern, especially when it’s during a peak time,” Obois. “We make hay when the sun shines because our business is reliant on the summer season because that carries us over into the slower months. So if we have a negative impact this summer, that could make for a difficult winter, financially.”

Obois said he expects access to still be fairly easy through the area as the construction begins to widen the road after removing the existing blacktop. Even though the construction may be an obstacle this summer, he said this will make the area safer with new designated parking and the increase in water quality from the new storm sewers.

He also said the dedicated locals will be a valuable asset during this period of time.

“We got great loyal customers that can keep it in mind that we’re still open and we’re looking forward to their support as we get through this construction,” Obois said.

There will be weekly updates from the construction project engineer that will detail the work completed, what will be happening within the next week and any changes to the schedule. People can receive these updates by emailing

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