The Town of Lodi had their recently-hired public works director quit during the second day on the job, although elected officials have not released their name.

Town of Lodi Supervisor James Brooks said a new hire has since accepted the vacant job, but Brooks did not disclose the name of that person as well. The Lodi Enterprise submitted a public information request this week to determine the names of both people.

“(The employee) worked a day and then quit the next day,” Brooks said. “The person … didn’t feel the job was for him. We have since hired a new employee.”

Henry said he didn’t believe he needed to release the name of the public employee because the person decided to “donate” the day on the job rather than receive payment. Brooks said he wouldn’t name the new hire because the man is still employed elsewhere.

“I’d rather err on the side of caution,” Henry said.

Brooks said the Public Works Department does not currently have any employees. The payment for the full-time Public Works director position is $20 per hour without health insurance, Brooks said, or $18 per hour with health insurance options included.

The job includes a litany of roles.

“It’s a jack-of-all-trades position, so he’s going to be mowing, he’ll be taking care of the transfer site and conducting snow removal in the wintertime,” Brooks said. “Right down to changing a lightbulb at the town hall if we need it. Kind of a little of everything. If we have a tree come down and we need to have a person to handle it, he’ll dispose of it in the manner it needs to be disposed of.”

Brooks said the newest hire has worked with a Lodi company doing landscaping, mowing, snow removal and “general maintenance.” Brooks said the unidentified hire has experience with skid steers and other heavy equipment used by the town.

The person is likely to start later this month, Brooks said, but is currently employed elsewhere. Henry said between four and five people were interviewed.

“We’re just looking forward to the new employee coming in and doing a wonderful job for us,” he said.

  • Editors note: A previous version of this story erroneously identified Supervisor James Brooks as Town Board Chairman Brian Henry. The newspaper regrets this error.

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