The Lodi Parks Committee presented their findings for a final dog park location in Lodi at the regular Common Council meeting May 21.

Bill Welch, member of the Parks Committee, spoke about their efforts in finding suitable land for a potential dog park. He said they have been looking at this issue since 2015 and have found few options for a location.

The most suitable piece of land, Welch said, would be between Don’s Marine and Alkar-RapidPak on North Main Street, although not all members of the council agreed this was the best location.

“We saw in the minutes you had a discussion about the suitability of that place and we wanted to respond to that,” Welch said. “We kind of agree with them that it’s not the best size for a dog park. It’s smaller than what we would like to have. But a group of citizens walked the property one night and agreed this would be sufficient for Lodi.”

Welch said dog parks are typically over two acres but the proposed parcel of land is 1.24 acres. The Parks Committee has also looked at land near the Lodi Veterinary Clinic and on the fairgrounds but determined they would either not be suitable or it would be too wet.

The committee also explored the option of doing a joint dog park with the Town of Lodi but Welch said this came to no success. Where it stands now, he said this location is their last chance.

Alderperson Peter Tonn said he loves all the effort, comments and enthusiasm that has gone into this project but is uncomfortable with spending $3,000 on “second-rate locations.” Alderperson Suzanne Miller said the bottom line is that the city has given away all their prime park land and any other possibilities has likely been thoroughly vetted at this point.

The council decided they would like a final recommendation from the Parks Committee before approving the project location. The committee has already budgeted for the project and is able to start construction.

Flood claims

Three businesses on Main Street filed a claim against the City of Lodi for damages from the March flooding as a result of a sewer backup but the city has voted to deny these claims.

A New Home, Country Clipper and One11 Main Bar and Grille each filed a claim but according to the resolutions, they were denied because the city had no prior notice of a problem and Wisconsin state statutes provides immunity from “Acts of God” such as rainfall and snowmelt.

Scott Pulvermacher, owner of One11 Main Bar and Grille, said he was not notified his claim was going to be denied despite his name being on the agenda.

Alderperson Rich Stevenson, chair of the Public Works and Utilities Committee, said he assumed word would get back to him and the business owners. Alderperson Ann Groves-Lloyd said the council will need to figure out a process for notifying people whose names are on the agenda.

The city originally asked businesses to file claims to determine if they would qualify for FEMA money. However, it was determined the flooding was not a great enough disaster to warrant additional dollars.

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