I started this position last year as a budding reporter who set her eyes on a bright future in newsprint media. It had always been my passion to write, even when I was a youngster. My elementary school teachers would comment on my natural ability to make words flow like a river.

That ability blossomed into stanzas of poetry scattered about my room in notebooks, on napkins, and anywhere else I could feasibly write. Come college, that translated into a passion for journalism. Naturally, I immersed myself in all the experiences I could – internships, working for my university student newspaper, and more.

I finally got my big break being hired as a reporter for the Lodi Enterprise/Poynette Press in July 2017. I had my own office. I got my own work iPhone. The schedule was flexible. It was everything I could ever want.

And the Lodi and Poynette communities were so welcoming. I will always treasure the relationships I’ve formed with many individuals and officials, the regulars who visited this office, and the stories I’ve heard during interviews.

But within the last few months or so, a lot has suddenly changed. I started really questioning who I am and examining what the future might hold if I made this decision or that one. What did I truly want out of life? What were my values? How could I grow?

The truth is, I’ve always been a city girl at heart, though I grew up in a small town. I always dreamed of traveling the world and living in a big metropolis with a diverse population. Then, when a marketing opportunity came up for me in the very heart of Madison, I saw fit to pounce on it.

Within the next few years, I will also travel the world with my best friend. After that, I will most likely pursue my master’s degree in marketing, as there are so many growth opportunities in the field.

It will be quite the change for me, but if offers the message that I am more than my writing.

I am a leader, a writer, a poet, a creator, an artist, a fashion enthusiast, a music lover, a documentary junkie, foodie, traveler etc. I’m Emilie Heidemann. And you are you. Be proud of that.

Until we meet again.

Farewell for now.

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