Horse project raffle Winner

Columbia County 4-H horse project member, Leah Bradley, presenting her aunt Lucy Vick, of Columbus with the $1000 first place winning raffle check.

The Columbia County 4-H Horse Project completed a successful 50-50 raffle fundraiser culminating with the drawing of five winners at the recently completed Columbia County Fair. It was a true 50-50 in that 400 tickets were sold at 10 dollars each with 2000 dollars being given back to the five winners and 2000 dollars raised for the project.

The five winners were:

  • $1000: Lucy Vick, Columbus
  • $500: Charlie Kirk, Portage
  • $250: Dave Henning, Waterloo
  • $150: Todd Parlier, Rio
  • $100: Dean Slark, Sauk City

The money raised helps in the following ways: 1) support a variety of educational programming efforts for Columbia County 4-H horse project members; 2) helps to fund the various competitions during the year; and 3) helps maintain needed equipment for the horse program. Some of the educational sessions the group learned from this year included clinics on showmanship, speed riding, English discipline, Western discipline, and a schooling show with judge/ clinician.

As is the case with most 4-H and youth organizations, fundraising is a necessary activity needed to support the various learning activities and events that offer enriching experiences for its youth. Such is the case with the Columbia County Horse Project. If you’d like to learn more about the Columbia County 4-H Horse Project or any other part of Columbia County 4-H, contact the UW-Madison Columbia County Extension Office at 608-742-9685.

The Columbia County 4-H Horse Project council and members wish to thank all of the people who bought tickets for this project and supported the group in any other way. The goals of learning, team building, engagement and conducting a successful fundraising effort were clearly met.

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