This one of my favorite times of the year…fair time! Not only do we put all the year-long planning into motion, but we see first-hand, how our local community and beyond help us get ready for one of the biggest annual events in Lodi, held this July 11-14!

Do you know the difference between a carnival and a fair? Both have rides and games and are lots of fun, but fairs originally started because of food!

Whether you are consuming it on a stick (or not), sharing/learning better techniques to grow it or process it, food is the center of everything we do, for everyone eats! A fair also throws in a dash of friendly competition for good measure. Here in Wisconsin, we do a great job of producing a plethora of food for all of us to enjoy, but how many of us know just where that food we consume is grown and harvested?

This year we are going to test your knowledge of the food we grow right here in Wisconsin…let’s say your WI Ag Knowledge. We have built a 24-foot in diameter grain bin themed, “We’re Wisconsin…and We Grow It!” Ag Education Center filled with interactive trivia games to see if you are really, ”Smarter than the Wisconsin 5th grader?” The trivia activities should challenge ages 10 to adult.

Our goal to have every visitor come out saying, “I never knew that!” Challenging topics range from Dairy, Vegetables and Fruits, Grains, Corn and Soybeans, and Meats. We will have the Grand Opening on Thursday eve, July 11 at 5 p.m. at the grain bin. We hope you will all join us to showcase buying Wisconsin is buying local as it supports our farmers, jobs in the community, local economies and businesses.

The Lodi Fair has always been a strong supporter of mentoring youth, so the birth of the new Little Britches’ Dairy and Little Britches’ Clucks n Ducks classes will make their grand entrance on Saturday morning of the fair following their respective species show classes. Come and sit as the little ones ages 5-8 share what they have learned about their animals.

There may be those “kids say the darnest things” moments, so you won’t want to miss a minute of it. Then spend some time going through the barns and ask questions to the exhibitors how they care for their animals and get them ready for the big show.

Some important changes you will notice are on the event schedule. We have moved the Animal Show times around for Friday. We start the day with the Rabbit Show at 8:30 a.m., the Swine Show is now at 9 a.m., the Beef Show at 2 p.m. and Sheep Show at 4 p.m. rounds out the day.

New on the docket is Reach Out Lodi-Bingo on Thursday and Friday evenings from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. This is a great place to test your luck while learning more about Reach Out Lodi and the extra care and services it brings to our community.

We are pleased to partner up with the Lodi EMS in a new location at the fair. Lodi EMS has moved from the bingo tent to the new First Aide room in the end of the to the Jr. Exhibit Hall.

As the fair is quickly approaching, we are still looking for volunteers to help us in areas of the fair, please contact the or call 608-592-4499 to see where you would like to help. For those students needing community service experience, timing couldn’t be more perfect for you to volunteer. Be a part of this great community event, meet some new people and share the experience of giving back, as you will be glad you did!

The count down has started and we’ll see you very soon at the 154th Lodi Agricultural Fair!

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