Lodi turf field

This rendering shows the possible artificial turf field in the Lodi High School stadium.

The Lodi community has been coming out in droves to support the stadium turf project. With a substantial amount already raised, and the fundraiser deadline at the end of the month, the School Board must make a decision for the next phase.

The district has over $857,000 set aside for this project, a combination of local donations over the past few months as well as a $500,000 loan the School Board would borrow to rebuild the stadium with a turf field, realign lighting, add a concrete visitor bleacher pad as well as a pedestrian walkway, perimeter fencing and a donor wall.

The project had an estimated $1.3 million price tag at the beginning of the year but recent bids show the overall cost will be less than anticipated. Business Manager Brent Richter presented on the numbers at the board meeting Feb. 10 and showed that the construction cost could be under $1 million.

The lowest bids totaled at $934,236. A local landscaper submitted an in-kind donation bid of $0 to complete the landscaping for the project. The highest landscaping bid came in at $46,200.

“The low bidder is the same company ... at a local school we’ve used and we’re very confident in that service,” Richter said. “We’re hopeful the [$934,000] is close to the actual project.

Richter said if the School Board decides to give the entire project to the lowest bidder, the total would be $915,290. He said the district is also eligible for state contract pricing, which could result in an additional discount.

Other costs for this project include a site contingency of around $93,000, design services for about $56,000 and construction administration for close to $37,000. District Administrator Chuck Pursell said the district still has to determine how much money they have already put toward these costs and what additional tests they will need to do.

The current project total is estimated at around $1.1 million. Pursell said the district still needs to meet with the three turf bidders before making a decision between them. He said there are also people still waiting to donate to the project once the School Board figures out a firm bid cost.

The board was looking to make a final decision on this project by the end of February so that construction for the stadium could begin tentatively on June 8 and could be finished by the week of Aug. 24.

Since the funding goal has not been met yet, the board considers the next steps for the project. The project could be delayed until 2021, they could increase the borrow to support the project or discontinue the project and review the next steps for the field.

The School Board made the decision to set a special meeting on Monday, March 2 where they will make a final decision on the stadium. This allows them to have time to meet with the turf contractors and finalize all bid numbers.


A group of students presented to the School Board about a request to have prom off site this year. They recommended hosting prom this year at Lake Windsor Country Club and presented on costs and transportation options.

Students said they were looking to host prom in a more formal environment and chose Lake Windsor Country Club for its ease of access for students, organized staff as well as being a scenic location for prom.

Students would have Kobussen bus transportation available to the venue and back to the school at the end of the night. Tickets would cost between $15-20.

An estimated cost for prom would be $2,000 with food at Lake Windsor Country Club, or $1,100 without food. Students estimated a net revenue between $1,000-2,650, depending on number of students attending and whether they chose to include food.

A survey conducted on the student body said 55.3% would want an off-campus prom and 37% said “depends”, with 7.7% saying no. In a parent survey, 54.2% were in favor and 45.8% were not.

The parent survey showed several parents were concerned about students driving to an off-site prom. Vince Breunig, high school principal, said he was also not thrilled about the idea of having prom off site but understood students are already driving to Madison each year for prom dinners.

Students said they intentionally picked the country club because they felt it was easy for students to drive to. Pursell said if students decide to make the experience a positive one, then they will do it.

The School Board voted 6-1 to approve the off-site prom request. Prom will be held April 18.

In other business, the School Board approved the following:

  • Referendum report
  • 2020 summer school programs
  • Administration contract extensions

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