Election results

With 2020 right around the corner, it’s the time of year again for residents and public officials to consider running for local office.

The first day to circulate nomination papers for local office was Dec. 1. All necessary paperwork must be turned in to respective clerks by Jan. 7, 2020. That leaves potential candidates with about a month now to complete their registration statement and declaration of candidacy as well as garner the appropriate amount of signatures for their nomination papers.

In the city of Lodi, voters will choose a mayor and three alderpersons. The seats up for election are currently held by Mayor Jim Ness, Common Council President Rich Stevenson, Alderperson Paege Heckel and Alderperson Peter Tonn.

Two town of Lodi supervisor seats, presently filled by Chad Wolter and Jon Plumer, will be up for grabs in the spring. Plumer will not be seeking to retain his seat, as he has filed a non-candidacy declaration.

Lodi School Board President Sue Miller and Vice President H. Adam Steinberg’s terms expire in 2020, making two seats on that board also available.

As for Poynette, on the village board, candidates will vie for three seats currently held by Bill Boor, Terri Fiore and Chris Polzer. At the school board level, Poynette voters will have to choose individuals to fill spots held by Vice President Ron Redell and Clerk Randy Tomlinson at the moment.

In the town of Dekorra, Sandy Smith and Gary Leatherberry’s supervisor positions on the town board expire in 2020. Village of Arlington voters will have a chance to elect two trustees; those pair of seats are now held by Jim Laatsch and Jason Humboldt.

Spring primaries, if necessary, will be held on Feb. 18, 2020. The spring election and presidential primary in Wisconsin is set for April 7.

Those wishing to run for local office or learn more about the spring elections should contact their local clerks or check out information on municipal or school district websites.

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