Community store expansion plan

Expansion plans are being presented by (left to right) Jim Schmiedlin, President ROL; Linda Krinke, volunteer; and Jim Krinke, project construction leader.

The Reach Out Lodi Board of Directors gave the nod to proceed with plans to build a 54’ X 24’ addition to the Community Store.

The additional space includes much needed square footage for food, personal essentials, clothing, and school supplies, part of the overall operation, and much needed storage space. Expansion also includes a basement that will house new energy efficient furnaces and maintenance equipment.

The Community Store helps individuals and families, in the Lodi School District, who experience difficulties providing for their basic living needs. Like the 2015 remodeling of the old Medical Clinic, much of the project will rely on skilled volunteer help.

Jim Krinke, retired building contractor, will be the project leader. Although there are many things that can affect construction timelines we are anticipating groundbreaking in the spring of 2020. The estimated cost of the project is $148,000.

The project will be funded through charitable gift giving and Reach Out Lodi, Inc. savings (resulting from being wise stewards of money entrusted to us) in our Building Fund. ROL will be organizing a capital campaign throughout the community to encourage support from civic organizations, individuals, businesses, churches, and families. To date $40,000 of matching funds has been committed.

This is an important goal and the community knows the importance of what is being accomplished by ROL. The new addition takes into account the increased number of individuals and families we serve today and anticipates the needs of tomorrow.

As the services we provide expand and as we continue to serve more struggling people, the new addition will be well positioned to respond to changing needs years to come. We also know the character of our community is to work together and continue to have a positive impact on individuals and families with the greatest needs. Together We Make a Difference.

Jim Schmiedlin, President of Reach Out Lodi

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