The Town of West Point held their town caucus on Thursday, Jan. 9 to nominate candidates for Town Board supervisor 3 and 4.

Incumbent Karmin Enge was nominated for Town Board supervisor 3, and incumbent Matthew Zeman and David Lendved were nominated for Town Board supervisor 4.

Zeman said at the caucus that he would not be able to complete a full term and would likely need to resign in the spring following the election. After Lendved was nominated, Zeman said he would not complete the paperwork to file for candidacy. Lendved is expected to be the only candidate on the ballot for Town Board supervisor 4.

Lodi Shell lease

Dale Dolson, owner of Lodi Shell, is looking to extend his lease term for his business from two years to five years. The property is owned jointly by the Town of West Point, Town of Lodi and City of Lodi and would need to be approved by all three municipalities.

Chairman Ashley Nedeau-Owen said the three municipalities have been reluctant in granting a longer term lease because the Lodi Shell location is a potential site for expansion of the Lodi Area Fire Department.

“We’re trying to move forward with that and improve that fire station,” Nedeau-Owen said. “In order to do that, we have to find a site. We have not yet determined the site. The site could be the existing site. If it is, one of the things we might want to consider is using the space Dan is renting from us as parking for the fire station.”

During a joint municipality meeting in August with Public Administration Associates, the consulting company hired to provide a fire station and EMS study recommendation, it was determined the fire station could be expanded in its current location. However, it was not the optimal location since the City of Lodi and the fire station are on the southern end of the fire district, and expansion would take up the rest of the current parking lot.

Nedeau-Owen said he, Mayor Jim Ness and Town of Lodi supervisor James Brooks have been reviewing possible locations. While the current site is still in consideration, it may push Dolson’s business off Main Street.

“He loses any opportunity for expansion at the current site, and his business is growing,” Nedeau-Owen Said. “The City of Lodi runs the risk of losing another business, in a prime real estate, right in the heart of downtown.”

The Town Board voted to approve a five-year lease for Dolson. The lease will still need to be approved by the Town of Lodi and the City of Lodi.

Along with the agenda, The Town Board approved to authorize an extension request to Columbia County for Crystal Lake’s conditional use permit. Owner Steve Bodenschatz is looking to move his campsites following the March 2019 flooding, which will involve a rezoning and land division permit.

Nedeau-Owen said Bodenschatz’s initial application did not have all the necessary requirements from the town and believed it would have been denied by Columbia County, which would have resulted in not being able to reapply for one year. The West Point Plan Commission has been working on a Crystal Lake conditional use permit they could submit to the county.

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