Madtown BMX hosted two nights of racing last week. It held local races on July 31 and Aug. 2.

Highlighting the action on July 31 was a large field in the 13-&-Under Pitbike Open. Elijah Pabon (DeForest) came away with first place, while area riders Chandler Pabon (DeForest, third), Jayden Carpenter (Morrisonville, sixth), Jacob Lustgraaf (Morrisonville, seventh), Gauge McConnell (Lodi, eighth) and Zeke Pinchart (Windsor) also performed well.

Charlotte Linderud (Evansville) won the 3 Balance Bike Division, while Julian Hagen (Madison) topped the field in the 6-&-Under Local Open.

Matthew Gulvik (Poynette) raced to first place in the 7-8 Local Open, while McConnell was third.

Logun Mayer (DeForest) finished second to Caid Vita (Sun Prairie) in the 11-12 Local Open.

Julian Basaj (Milwaukee) earned the win in the 15-16 Local Open, while Renata Basaj (Milwaukee) won the 21-30 Women Cruiser. Matthew Byrge (Milwaukee) was victorious in the 36-40 Cruiser Division.

Reid Nelson (Waunakee) was the top rider in the 6 Novice Division.

McConnell came up with a win in the 8 Novice Division, while Pinchart was third.

Wil Geurts (Windsor) sprinted his way to a title in the 10 Novice Division, while Isaak Snortum (DeForest) was third.

Lustgraaf and Ryder Redell (Lodi) finished second and third, respectively, behind Valentins Kozlovskis (Waunakee) in the 14 Novice Division.

Ethan Featherston (Stoughton) biked his way to first in the 41-45 Novice Division, while Bray Kelly (Madison) was first in the 10 Intermediate Division.

Julian Basaj picked up his second win the 16 Intermediate Division.

Jack Abrams (DeForest) came out on top in the 46-50 Intermediate Division.

Gulvik continued his great night with a win in the 8 Expert Division.

Carpenter was first in the 10 Expert Division, while Chandler Pabon (DeForest) was third.

Vita earned his second win it the 11 Expert Division.

The top three riders, including Elijah Pabon, Logan Meyer and Cole Abrams, in the 12 Expert Division were all from DeForest.

Aug. 2

Racing on Aug. 2 started with strong showings in the Balance Bike Division. Charlotte Lunderud (Evansville) and Hudson Haines (Madison) won the 3 and 5-&-Over Balance Bike races.

Gulvik led a strong local contingent in the 7-8 Local Open with a win, while Tyler Zander (Windsor) and McConnell were third and fourth, respectively.

Derek Klein (DeForest) notched a win in the 11-12 Local Open, while Carpenter was third.

Matthew Zander (Windsor) finished third behind Klaus Mueller (Waterford) in the 26-40 Cruiser Division.

McConnell had an impressive win in the 8 Novice Division.

Redell led a great showing by local riders with a win in the 12 Novice Division. Justin Molitor (DeForest) was the runner-up, while Geurts and Ethan Nesbit (Windsor) were fourth and fifth, respectively.

In the 9 Intermediate Division, Mason Bruss (Marshall) was first, while Tyler Zander (Windsor) was third).

Bray Kelly led all riders in the 10 Intermediate Division.

Logan Meyer came out on top in the 12 Intermediate Division, while Matthew Zander was third.

Austin Sommerfeld (DeForest) finished second to Aidan Kelly (Madison) in the 14 Intermediate Division.

Tyler Wright (Poynette) rode his bike to a win in the 26-35 Intermediate Division.

Carpenter was the top rider in the 9 Expert Division, while Gulvik was fourth.

Klein captured his second victory of the night in the 12 Expert Division. Elijah Pabon was the runner-up.

Vita topped the field in the 13-&-Under Pitbike Open, while Chandler Pabon (second), Elijah Pabon (third) and McConnell (fifth) also had strong showings.

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