As incoming president of the Lake Wisconsin Lions Club, I am proud to share with you some insights about our club.

When I was first asked to join the club, I thought, “Oh boy, another service organization...” But, it soon had me hooked. As a person who wants to change the world, I realized it has to start at home. We meet local needs, “Where there’s a need, there’s a Lion.” Although Lions is a world wide organization with over 46,000 club and 1.4 million members, we still do things on a local level.

Lake Wisconsin Lions does projects to better the area we serve, which is Lake Wisconsin, Poynette, Lodi, Harmony Grove and Dekorra. We run American Red Cross blood drives, collect eye glasses and hearing aides and transport corneas. We help to maintain local parks including playground equipment and shelters. Our club picks up trash and maintains the handicap fishing pier on Whalen Grade. Lake Wisconsin Lions awards scholarships at Poynette and Lodi high schools for graduating seniors. We donate to local food pantries, libraries, EMS, fire departments and more. We administer vision screenings at Lodi Primary School.

Lake Wisconsin Lions Club does things to serve our community when we see a need. Yes, we have an international organization above us that provides support and resources, but we make the decisions as to how to meet the needs in our own community. Lake Wisconsin Lions offers endless networking possibilities. Lions Club is a secular, non-political service organization. Everyone has a voice. If one member sees a need, the entire club will support it. Our club is all of us, not just a leader with puppets following along.

If you have a little time and want to serve your community, we would love you to be with us. Your ideas are what makes our club work. You may be familiar with some of our fundraising events such the Eskimo Open, which is a 18-hole golf course held on the ice of Lake Wisconsin in February. Our next fund raiser will be our Spring Fling Money & Meat Raffle on Saturday, April 21 starting at 3 p.m. Join us at Hookers Resort, W9370 County Road V, Poynette for some fun, meat and money. The raffle will be followed by a DJ. We’ll see you there.

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