Authorities warn of string of burglaries and theft from vehicles

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office is requesting tips from the public after numerous thefts and home burglaries in throughout Columbia County.

Law enforcement officials say the vast majority of thefts are from vehicles but some residences have also been entered by use of garage door openers allowing access to the household.

The crimes were committed during the nighttime hours between midnight and 3 a.m. Numerous credit cards, weapons, money, and electronics have been stolen. All of the thefts were from unlocked vehicles.

Vehicles have also been stolen in Dane, Jefferson, Sauk, and Columbia Counties.

The Saddle Ridge neighborhood in Pacific Township was the last to be victimized. This happened on Sept. 24, 2019 around 2 a.m. A suspicious passenger car was observed in the area during the thefts and is believed to be associated with the suspects. Lodi, Arlington, Columbus, WestPoint, and Pacific areas have also been target.

The public is reminded to remove all valuables from their vehicles and keep vehicles and residence doors locked. Please contact the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office if you see suspicious vehicles or people.

The public is urged to immediately, and without delay, contact the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office with information at (608) 742-4166 ext. 1 or call 911 in the case of any ongoing situation. A good description of suspicious activity, vehicle make, model and color, license plates, and a possible direction of travel if suspects flee from a particular area.

If you find that you have been the victim of a theft, do not touch anything and immediately contact the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office.

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