Sean Larson

Sean Larson

A Lodi man faces 66 years in prison after sexually assaulting a child.

Sean Larson, 24, Lodi, has been charged with repeated sexual assault of a child, a Class B felony, carrying a sentence of up to 60 years imprisonment. Because Larson was previously convicted of two felonies, maintaining a drug trafficking place in August 2013 and manufacture/ deliver THC in May 2015, the sentence may be extended by an additional six years.

Larson has been released on a $2,000 cash bond with standard felony conditions. He is not to have any contact with the victim, the family of the victim or the victim’s residence or school.

According to the criminal complaint, the most recent sexual assault of the now 9-year-old victim happened on June 6, 2015 at the family’s home on Cactus Acres Road in the town of Lodi when Larson was babysitting the victim and their siblings. The assaults started in January 2013 at a previous residence on N. Main Street in the city of Lodi.

The report says that on June 13, 2015, after the father said Larson would be coming to babysit the children, the victim told their father that Larson had been touching them inappropriately. Larson had been babysitting a couple of times a month since January of 2013.

According to the complaint, the parents were “helping Larson with his heroin addiction” and have known him for about three years.

Lodi Police and the Columbia County Sheriff’s Department questioned Larson about the sexual assaults. According to the complaint Larson said the victim “is like the most lovable, best going, f****** kid ever”, that the victim is “his favorite kid out of the whole group” and he stated that he loves them.

The complaint states the victim said that Larson attempted to touch their genitals over their clothes “more than five times” and that Larson told them not to tell anyone what happened. According to the report, the victim told authorities that Larson also put his hand in their pants and touched them inappropriately.

A pretrial conference has been set for Aug. 3 with a return date of Aug. 19.

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