Hunt: Columbia County groups work on watershed issues

Great article in the (March 12) paper about the Yahara Watershed in Dane County. Here in Columbia County is the Lake Wisconsin Watershed and locally the Spring Creek Watershed. All the issues of the Yahara Watershed are present locally and need to be addressed as well. Runoff from farms and development should be of concern here too. As the article stated: “DNR Secretary Preston Cole’s initiatives for a farmer led pilot group ... practical solutions for water quality and soil health.” Then set up a “framework for an external advising group made up of agronomists, farmers and others.”

The “others” could be groups like the Lake Wisconsin Alliance which works locally: The Lake Wisconsin Alliance endeavors to balance the diverse interests of the Lake Wisconsin community while improving water quality, recreational opportunities, and sustaining a healthy ecosystem within the Lake Wisconsin watershed” (including Spring Creek). Contact them at

Remember the Spring Creek flood of March a year ago? Water runoff / quality problems are not just for people in the next county, the problems are for all of us.

Bob Hunt

Weigle: Support for Connie Sears

I am writing to express my support for Connie Sears in her bid to get elected to the Town of Lodi Board. I have known Connie for over 10 years and worked with her as a Commissioner on the Harmony Grove Sanitary District and on the Harmony Grove and Okee Joint Sewerage Commission. Connie is responsible for the budgeting, finance, billing customers, payments and other duties she prepares for Board and Commission approval. She always completed her work on time and accurate. Bills and payments were always correct and on time.Connie is very organized, competent and smart. She will be an asset to the Town Board. Vote for Connie Sears.

Rick Weigle


Carr: April 7 election is important

Friends/neighbors, if you’ve been a little distracted lately, I’d like to remind you of a super important date: the April 7 election. If you’d like to keep maximum space between yourself and others, you can vote absentee (by mail, application due April 2), or you can vote early (in person at the clerk’s office by April 3).

{p class=”p1”}Taking a few minutes to vote will have big consequences this time – and I’m not talking about the Democratic presidential candidates. This election, you will have the power to help ensure our government becomes less rigged and more responsible: on the April 7 ballot will be two candidates for Supreme Court justice, one of whom (the incumbent) has already defended our state’s rigged, partisan district maps. The other candidate, Jill Karofsky, is our best hope for reforming Wisconsin’s gerrymandered district boundaries.

Gerrymandering hurts us all. When the legislature redraws district maps, those new boundaries should be drawn in a transparent process as neutral representation zones. However, whichever political party holds legislative power typically creates maps that favor that party and ensure it maintains control. Simply put, gerrymandering allows our representatives to choose their voters rather than the other way around! Unfortunately, gerrymandering (a) dilutes our representation and (b) leads to hyper-partisanship and deadlocked government. It cannot exist in a well-functioning democracy.

{p class=”p1”}Since it’s likely that the maps created by the our state legislature in 2021 will be contested in the courts, it’s important to have Supreme Court justices who believe every Wisconsinite’s vote matters. Our nation is experiencing a wave of gerrymandering reform. Wisconsinites will benefit from this reform sooner or later. With Jill Karofsky on the Supreme Court bench, it’s likely to be sooner. Please vote for Jill Karofsky on April 7.

Tess Carr,


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