It’s been a long time coming but the first customers in McFarland were connected to TDS Telecom’s (TDS) all-fiber network last week.

TDS Fiber is expected to gradually roll out thousands more McFarland residential and business addresses by year end. When the build is complete, about 5,500 area addresses will have access to the fiber-optic network that delivers up to 1 gigabit (1Gig) internet speeds, TDS TV and phone service.

“We know residents and area businesses have been anxiously awaiting these super-fast internet speeds,” said Julie Maiers, vice president of consumer marketing at TDS. “With this launch, McFarland customers will enjoy an unparalleled online experience that can keep up with the pace of today’s technology.”

Registered customers in the launch areas will be contacted to schedule their installations.

TDS first announced plans to expand to McFarland in April 2018.

Construction continues on the TDS Fiber networks in Cottage Grove and Monona, including some redesign work to bury more of the network and rely less on utility poles.

Before the ground freezes, TDS contractors are burying the fiber cable between registered homes and the network equipment where possible to minimize the number of temporary drops needed in the winter months. TDS continues to encourage residents to register early for services to facilitate that process.

A total of six neighborhoods across both communities have already met their registration thresholds with others on the cusp.

Services are expected to launch in Cottage Grove in spring 2020 and Monona in the summer.

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