The village of McFarland released a staff report July 16 noting several open positions. The village is still recruiting for candidates to fill some of these positions.

The village is currently accepting applications for a public works streets/utilities employee and will be open for recruitment until Aug. 16. This is the village’s second attempt to fill the position.

According to the staff report, “Those deemed most qualified in order to fulfill the essential job functions for the position could not come to terms on employment for the position.”

Village Clerk/Treasurer, Cassandra Suettinger said the village hopes to advertise to a wider audience.

The village is also recruiting for a police clerk and a public works crew member.

Those who want to apply for these positions should visit the employment section of the village website. Applicants will need to fill out an application and send a cover letter and resume.

“Generally, there are a couple rounds of interviews,” Suettinger said. “It can be two rounds, generally up to more rounds for more supervisory and department head level positions.”

Sayer Larson, a former park ranger of seven years for Madison, has been hired as the public works parks superintendent.

Andrew Bremer was announced as the community and economic development director at the McFarland Village Board meeting on July 22.

The E.D. Locke Public Library has hired a teen services librarian who is starting on Aug. 12. Candidates for the adult services librarian position are being interviewed this week.

A pool of candidates has been selected for the fire and rescue administrative captain position, but a decision has not yet been made.

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