To the editor,

I was very disappointed in how the McFarland Chamber of Commerce was represented in the newspaper. That being said I’m appreciative of the members that spoke up supporting McFarland Chamber of Commerce during this transition.

I would hope after so many years of being the executive director my name would be spelled correctly. It’s Manring not Manning as any research would have shown. The McFarland chamber continues to grow and support and assist the members in reaching their goals. The chamber accomplishments is in thanks to its members and the many business folks who volunteer their time along with member businesses who support not only the chamber but also are committed to reaching goals.

Keeping in mind those volunteers typically still have full-time jobs, kids in school and other obligations. Becky Rogers, who is the current president, along with the rest of the team, continues to make McFarland Chamber of Commerce a great place to live and do business.

All of the committee volunteers join together to make every function a benefit for its members and bring awareness of all our member businesses. It would be amazing if more chamber members experience the benefits of being active in the chamber.

Closing, ask not what the chamber can do for you. What can you do to join forces to strengthen the chamber, village of McFarland and surrounding communities? The chamber welcomes our surrounding communities as together we build resources and relationships. Thanks to all the members who have stood by the board during this time.

If someone is looking for a position that is exciting, part time and likes to work with great volunteers and businesses, contact the chamber office.

Donna Manring

Former chamber executive director

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