Republicans sabotage chance

for peace

To the editor,

The Republicans, through Trump, whom they still support despite a more supportable rationale for impeachment, have sabotaged the Mideast peace process by moving our embassy to Jerusalem, blessing illegal annexations of Palestinian land, halting critical aid and undercutting UN relief programs.

Whereas Obama practiced “tough love” with Israel, in an effort to simultaneously preserve the Jewish state, Palestinian rights and international law, Trump’s GOP has given Israel’s hard right everything it’s asked for and driven Israel into a limbo between continuing as a democracy or devolving into a lawbreaking apartheid state.

Regionally, Trump’s Republicans reneged on the JCPOA agreement, which was leading Iran away from a nuclear arms race with Israel, toward normalization and peace. They betrayed our bipartisan adopted poster allies, for pseudo state alignment with U.S. hegemonic objectives, when U.S. troops were “retasked” to guard Syrian oil fields, while Turkish forces bombed the Kurds out of northern Syria.

Recently, after his assassination of General Suleimani led to Iranian outrage and the death of 176 innocents in “the fog of war,” Trump doubled down, with more crippling sanctions on Iran; in context, a virtual declaration of war for regime change.

So, it’s become starkly clear that supporting Trump is a deal with the devil that’s more than a risk; it’s proved totally destructive of hard-won diplomatic gains. Nevertheless, Trump’s Republicans are reneging again. This time on the Strategic Framework Agreement with Iraq, which promises we will respect Iraqi sovereignty.

To win political power, the Republicans have already wasted our 16 years long investment of blood and treasure, for winning hearts and minds in the Mideast and perhaps any hope of salvaging a positive outcome from the wreckage of Iraq. Somehow, they must come to understand that diplomacy is not a zero-sum game in a campaign.

John Costello


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