To the editor,

Last week’s letter to the editor regarding impeachment left me incredulous as to how supposedly intelligent people in our country continue to believe the thousands of lies spoken by our president.

The Democrats would prefer to not have to deal with impeachment and instead get on with campaigning on their issues of health care, climate change and social justice. But with his treasonous acts, Trump has left them with no choice.

Even conservative columnist and Trump supporter Marc Thiessen distains Trump’s actions, saying, “He asked the president of Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden” for his own political gain. Trump continues to repeat the proven falsehood that it was Ukraine and not Russia that meddled in our 2016 elections.

When our president stands on his podium and invites Russia and China to interfere in our elections, he is damaging our democracy. Only our own citizens should be campaigning and voting in our elections. Otherwise, our sacred right to vote becomes a sham, and we have no democracy.

Jane Licht


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