To the editor,

Polls show that Republican voters don’t view Trump’s “love it or leave it” tweets as racist and Democrats do, largely and by large margins. My view is that public debates about racism are usually off the mark and a little like asking people to perform colonoscopies on themselves. Apparently though, to both parties and the media, even that’s preferable to a fully honest and rational revelation of the pertinent facts.

Instead, Republicans rely on the anti-Semitic trope to justify Trump’s suggestion that these four duly elected lawmakers “go home” And Democrats, who one might assume would seek to defend their own on the basis of the facts, instead bury their heads in this shocking display of racist nationalism from President Trump. Tell me it ain’t so, Joe. And the media just go with the program as scripted.

Doesn’t anyone want to debate the merits of the criticisms made by these women? Doesn’t it matter whether there might be something to be gained by determining what truth underlies the hysterical divide in this country? Who is responsible for getting to the bottom of this anyway?

John Costello


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