To the editor,

Thank you for your article on the possible Lake Waubesa bacteria testing plan for 2020. My name is Art Luetke, an avid competitive Masters swimmer, age 73, who lives on Lake Waubesa and only 100 yards from McDaniel Park. Few folks spend as much time swimming in Lake Waubesa as I do. In fact, I made your Sept. 5 McFarland Thistle sports page for being a winner in the Madison Open Water (1.2 mile) Swim before I flew to Hawaii for my eighth Maui channel swim. This summer I took lots of mile swims from the Green Lantern pier down along the bicycle-path-shoreline and I'm here to tell you that there is something going on with what’s ever in the water here.

Every time I swam in Lake Waubesa this summer, it followed with 48 hours of severely running sinuses to the degree that I had to take antihistamines to stop the constantly running nose. I don’t know if this was attributable to the increased presence of blue-green algae, and/or because of the excrement from all the geese that are always present in the immediate McDaniel Park area, but past years' swims (in my 22 years) never ever had this accompanying result.

I can tell you further that there are no sinus problems when I swim in Lake Monona, nor with my several summer Sunday morning swims across Devil‘s Lake. So anyway, I hope there is testing of Lake Waubesa in 2020, and maybe also of Mud Lake, south of the infamous "Gilligan's Island," for water quality, because I am here to tell you that there was a problem in 2019.

Art Luetke


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