Anti-jet argument not what it seems

To the editor,

By popular demand, Madison’s Mayor Conway delivered a 14-page missive to the Pentagon questioning the basing of F-35s here. No doubt the mayor employs sound reasoning about both health and moral concerns. I hope, though, she has carefully thought through one crucial and oft repeated objection that low income and communities of color will be disproportionately affected due to close proximity to Truax.

Knowing that the civil rights battleground, Montgomery-Selma corridor, is the alternative to Madison, I did some checking on Air National Guard base, Dannelly Field, and its surrounds. Turns out the neighborhoods immediately adjacent to it are (to neighborhoods immediately adjacent to Truax Field), disproportionately poor communities of color.

Here’s a comparison of those neighborhoods in Montgomery and Madison:

Median income: Mon. less than $37,600 vs. Mad. more than $50.400.

Average home value: Mon. less than $66,000 vs. Mad. more than $204,000

Poverty level: Mon. 32.5 percent vs. Mad. 22.5 percent

Race by majority: Mon. 99 percent black vs. Mad. 70 percent white

The planes are truly unearthly inventions that certainly shouldn’t exist, much less terrify a city of around a quarter million people. They will somewhere though, won’t they?

But shouldn’t we avoid confirming a deeply red state’s negative view of liberals?

John Costello


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