MG officials have mixed reactions to statThe vast majority of public and private schools in Wisconsin earned average or better grades from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction for the 2018-19 school year.

Eighty-seven percent of rated schools met or exceeded expectations as did 96 percent of the state’s 421 public school districts.

Monona Grove and McFarland school districts were both in the “Exceeds Expectations” four-stars category.

The report card shows McFarland received an overall score of 78.8, and MG had a score of 75.8.

“While the state report cards are an important source of information, they are only one part of the story,” according to a statement issued by the Monona Grove School District. “Great things take place in our schools every day, including incredible teaching and learning. The standardized assessments these report cards are based on are very limited, and only tell us how a student can do on a single standardized assessment on a given day. They are a far cry from measuring all the successes our students and teachers reach together.”

Report card ratings range from five stars, denoting schools and districts that significantly exceed expectations, to one star for those that fail to meet expectations. Scores are calculated in four priority areas: student achievement; school growth; closing gaps between student groups; and measures of students being on-track for postsecondary readiness, which includes graduation and attendance rates, third-grade English language arts achievement, and eighth-grade mathematics achievement.

In the student achievement category, the statewide average is 62.3. McFarland scored an 81.1 while MG scored 77.4. District growth scores showed a state average of 66.0, while McFarland earned a 73.7 and MG had 71.8.

Both local districts fell below the state average for closing gaps. The state average score was 68.8, McFarland scored 65.1, and MG scored 62.5.

Finally, both districts were above state averages again with the on-track and post secondary readiness category. The state average was 84.8, McFarland scored 91.2, and MG scored 89.2.

“Teachers are involved in formative assessments of their students regularly in order to check that their instruction is leading to demonstrated and effective learning by their students; we also have districtwide assessments for the same purpose,” the MG statement continued. “We place more value on those consistent, frequent and local measures than on the single statewide assessment. This philosophy is reinforced by DPI.”

McFarland’s online schools performed on the low end of the scale.

The K-8 WIVA school had an overall score of 59.3, which put it in the two-stars Meets Few Expectations category. The Destinations Career Academy of Wisconsin High School scored 62.5, which put it in the same category.

The Wisconsin Virtual Academy High School scored the lowest, a 50.6, which put it in the one-star Fails to Meet Expectations category.

McFarland School District Superintendent Andrews Briddell did not respond to inquiries about the online schools.

More information and a link to report cards for all schools and districts can be found online at Report Card Home,

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