A preliminary hearing for Andrew C. Meeks is scheduled for 8:45 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 12. The status conference scheduled for Monday, Oct. 14, was cancelled.

Meeks’ former attorney, Jonas Bednarek, was substituted for Corey Chirafisi on Oct. 14.

The former fourth-grade teacher at Waubesa Intermediate School was charged with first degree sexual assault of a child with a person under the age of 13, child enticement with sexual contact, causing mental harm to a child and exposing a child to harmful descriptions. Meeks was arrested Aug. 27 after an investigation.

Meeks met the student as his teacher during the 2017-18 school year and the inappropriate relationship continued through this summer.

The child disclosed to Safe Harbor that Meeks demonstrated sexual acts, encouraged him to masturbate and instructed him how to look up various types of pornography.

Meeks took the victim to a Sun Prairie movie theater July 31 where he inappropriately touched the child and forced the child to touch him.

A school official first notified a school official April 16 about a possible inappropriate relationship after a community member observed Meeks at the child’s residence “for a considerable amount of time,” according to a criminal complaint from the Dane County Circuit Court. Officers investigated the case but could not conclude any criminal activity.

On a school day near Christmas 2018, a school employee walked into Meeks’ classroom and “observed victim one either sitting on Meeks’ knee, or standing between his legs,” according to the complaint. She stated there was another male student in the room at the time.

The employee reported the incident to a school official, who confronted Meeks. Meeks told the official he was mentoring the child, even though neither Meeks nor the child were part of the school’s mentoring program. He visited the student’s fifth-grade classroom until the school official disallowed Meeks from doing so.

The victim’s mother texted school resource officer John Miller on Aug. 19 to report events her son told her.

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