To the editor,

I just cringed when I read Sunny Schubert’s editorial, “Another cultural tradition comes to an end” (October 10, 2019, McFarland Thistle). The first few paragraphs decrying the Monona School Board’s decision to end Halloween parties in schools were OK – everyone has a right to their opinion. But then she somehow brings in the “religious freedom” argument, and from there, the editorial becomes absolutely mean-spirited.  She catalogs each holiday and why, in her opinion, we no longer celebrate it. For the record, some states do still celebrate Columbus Day, and we do still celebrate Veterans Day and Memorial Day. (I don’t think that defending our country is now considered “old-fashioned.”)

It’s when she gets into “we shouldn’t coddle our children” mode that I really was aghast. I grew up in a time when valentines were handed out to the most popular children (sixth grade). I would never want to see that reinstated in our classrooms. And not helping students procure prom dresses or sports uniforms? These are selfish thoughts promoted by someone who feels entitled to her privileged position as she views the world “from the pier.”

     If we as individuals become so self-centered that we resent reaching out to those less fortunate, then we’ve lost the meaning of why our country was founded in the first place. We are a nation of opportunities, but not everyone begins life at the same starting point. Let’s work to ensure that everyone feels included and has a chance to succeed.

Jayne Fischer


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