The Stoughton Free Health Clinic is hoping to provide mental and physical health care to more people as it moves to a new facility at 1520 Vernon St. in Stoughton in November.

The clinic’s current space limits the number of patients volunteer providers can see to eight to 10 per month. The new space allows providers to see about 30 patients per day. The new clinic will have a waiting room, three physical examination rooms and two dental hygiene rooms.

The clinic, currently located at 1116 Ridge St. in Stoughton, offers free health care to those with no insurance or limited insurance with high deductibles. Providers volunteer their time to offer services, including physical examinations, diagnostic and screening tests, preventative care, non-emergency acute and chronic medical conditions treatment and nutrition counseling. They also offer mental health care and provide vouchers for medications and prescriptions.

The clinic serves patients in Stoughton, McFarland, Cottage Grove, Oregon, Brooklyn, Edgerton, Cambridge, Deerfield and Evansville.

“Health care is a right, and we know that’s expensive,” Stoughton Free Health Clinic director Tina DeGroot said.

She knows that when a parent is deciding between feeding their children or getting themselves a physical exam, they are going to feed their children.

If a patient’s needs go above what the clinic offers, volunteers can help connect patients with food pantries and housing charities.

Urso Brothers McFarland donated time, labor and materials to the project at the first demolition day on Thursday, Sept. 12. Kevin Urso, Cain Urso and Brad Burrs worked to remove cabinets, take down walls and paint rooms.

“We like to help the community,” Cain Urso said.

He added that Urso Brothers is willing to aid in the efforts of other charity organizations that would like to reach out.

The second round of renovations will take place on Thursday, Sept. 19, with donations from Cummins Engineering and HD Plumbing. Six nursing students from Edgewood College will move tables into the examination rooms.

“You really can provide good basic health care with no technology,” she said.

She added that when nursing students attend, they are surprised to learn the high level of care provided without state-of-the-art technology.

Children from families who cannot afford to see a dentist may have limited knowledge of dental hygiene, so the clinic aims to do more than cleanings and screenings. DeGroot hopes that hygienists can send home toothbrushes for the child’s whole family.

“Their bigger goal is to help teach the family about dental health,” DeGroot said.

Dental services are limited to children in kindergarten or younger. If a child needs a correction or major procedure, the clinic offers referrals to two commercial dental clinics in Madison.

The Stoughton Free Health Care Clinic is hosting a Shake, Rattle and Roll fundraiser on Friday, Nov. 1.

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