House on stilts

Property owner Brandon Cook is moving a house on Siggelkow Road to make room for three new developments on the same site. Until a new foundation is built, the house is sitting on wooden pallets.

Drivers on Siggelkow Road have been noticing an unusual sight – a house seemingly floating in air, but Santa’s reindeer did not stop by early to make it fly.

The house at 5406 Siggelkow Road is resting 6 feet above the ground on wooden pallets waiting to be moved to a new foundation on the property.

The owner of house and property it sits on plans to divide the property into four lots.

“The house straddles across two of the lots,” community and economic development director Andrew Bremer said.

Bremer said whole houses can be moved, even across town.

In this house’s case, it will stay on the property.

The house needed to be moved to make room for three additional homes to be constructed in the future.

Crews are working to create a new foundation for the house on a different area of the property. It will be moved to that spot once the foundation is complete.

Property owner Brandon Cook intends to make improvements to the house to bring it up to modern standards.

“It seems it’s in pretty good shape, that it’s a shame to tear it down and throw it away if it’s not past its useful life,” Cook said.

The property’s former owners intended to create the four lots 10 years ago, but the plat survey was never recorded. Cook hopes to recreate these plans.

The red barn on the property was torn down to make room for construction of the houses.

The survey map to have the parcel divided into four single-family lots was approved by the village plan commission after a public hearing was held Sept. 16.

Building plans will begin once building permits have been approved.

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