The McFarland Plan Commission recommended reapproval of a site design/review for a multitenant commercial development at 5613 Lake Edge Road. The two-lot project includes a commercial building and multiunit residential building.

After receiving comments from the plan commission, the developers are working on revisions to be reviewed by the village for compliance with the commission’s conditions of approval.

There is no timeline for final approval.

The property, owned by Spartan Properties, is between Walgreens and McFarland Animal Hospital.

A site plan was approved most recently May 21, 2018, under conditions that building awnings would change to seam metal, the state approved stormwater and erosion control and a two-lot certified survey map (CSM) be filed.

The approval has since lapsed and needs reapproval.

A six-unit townhome is proposed at 5611 Lake Edge Road, next to the commercial building.

The plan commission first approved a two-lot commercial shopping center June 20, 2011, and has reapproved the two-lot CSM in 2012 and 2016. A commercial site plan application was approved in 2012 and 2018.

In the most recent submittal, the number of commercial tenants was reduced from four to three. Split-face concrete block on the rear and side elevations is lowered from 10 feet. Pitched shingle corner roofs on the front façade are removed to make it compatible with adjacent buildings. The building now has a flat roof design, reducing its height from 26 feet to 20.5 feet.

Other revisions to the building were made, such as the removal of a drive-up window and a third rear-door exit for the third tenant.

Tax Increment District No. 5, which did not exist at the time of original approval, requires area buildings to be complimentary of one another.

“The TID No. 5 design guidelines stipulate that buildings be designed so their height and scale are compatible with surrounding buildings or provide appropriate transitions for larger buildings to help reduce differences in scale,” the issue summary said.

Dimension IV Madison Design Group principal Jerry Bourquin spoke to commissioners.

Original sloped roofs were removed, which gave the building a residential character.

“The tenants located in the building are looking for more of a modern, commercial-type feel,” he said.

Approval conditions include raising towers on the corners of the building by 3 feet, documenting the easement agreement, submitting signatures and recording of a two-lot CSM from 2016 and gaining approval stormwater and erosion control plans.

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