At Spartan Nutrition, candy bars, brownies, cookies and fried ice cream are the gateway to great health.

Spartan Nutrition, 4802 Farell St., opened its doors Nov. 6, serving up nutrition shakes, antioxidant-loaded tea bombs and digestion friendly aloe shots from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. weekdays.

“We provide that really positive and supportive environment for people that are looking to achieve some health goals, as well as providing a healthy on-the-go breakfast or lunch,” owner Carli Stephan said.

The journey to the opening of Spartan Nutrition started 10 years ago when Stephan’s mother, Christi Winchel, opened Sunny Nutrition in Sun Prairie. Stephan was in high school at the time and stopped in every morning for a shake on the way to school.

She started working at Sunny Nutrition when she realized her original career of choice was not for her. It was there she learned the ropes and made connections.

Stephan lost 18 pounds with Sunny Nutrition products and fell in love with the concept of supplying a positive and supportive environment for others.

“I know what ability they have to do for people and to be able to help people do the same and feel as good as I was feeling was a huge part of that,” she said.

McFarland residents journeyed to Sun Prairie for their shake and tea fix. Stephan saw the need for a business like this in the community, a place where people could find healthy products closer to home.

Spartan Nutrition and Sunny Nutrition operate in conjunction with one another, hosting transformation challenges, weight loss challenges and group fitness classes.

Stephan works with area businesses and schools so others can sample the store’s shakes, tea bombs and aloe shots.

“We have options for people whether they’re looking for a meal, whether they’re just looking for an energy pick-me-up, they’re looking to satisfy a sweet-tooth craving, we’ve got options for them all,” she said.

Shakes are served in a variety of permanent flavors, including popular choices like chocolate salted caramel, mint chip, banana bread and espresso brownie. Every first brings a new flavor of the month. Weekends are celebrated with a rotation of Fancied-up Fridays specialty shakes with toppings like whipped cream, dark chocolate chips and sugar-free caramel.

Customers can vote on Spartan Nutrition’s Facebook page for which flavor they want to try next.

Shakes can be personalized for each customer with additional probiotics or fiber. A customer swinging by after a workout can add extra protein. Stephan noted extra protein is also a great option for men.

“All of our shakes are going to be full of protein, full of all the vitamins and minerals that you need on a daily basis,” Stephan said. “They’re going to be low in sugar and about 200 calories, so they work as a great meal replacement. They work as a post-workout. They work for people if they’re looking for a mid-morning snack to get them through to a later lunch.”

Spartan Nutrition offers mommy and me shakes for parents stopping in with children. Parents get a full shake and children get a half-size, which can be topped with whipped cream and sprinkles.

Tea bombs are green tea blends containing antioxidants with vitamins B and C and caffeine.

Aloe shots aid gut health and are good for digestion. With a light flavor and liquid form, the shot is not chunky or slimy. Some people pour the shot into their tea bomb.

“Aloe has 70 different healing properties naturally, so it’s great for anything it touches,” she said.

Spartan Nutrition recently started serving 100-calorie protein coffees with 15 grams of protein and two grams of sugar.

“The protein coffees are a great option for people that are looking for a healthier alternative to their quick grab-and-go sugar-filled coffee options,” she said.

Stephan shares products and recipes to teach customers how to make the same shakes at home when they cannot stop in.

She hopes to add more coaches to her team, create a larger community impact and expand to after-school hours for parents and students looking for a healthy post-school day snack.

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