To the editor,

Many, it seems reasonable to conclude, are finding encouragement in the words and actions of the president.

Across the world and mostly absent from our national conversation, in any substantive way, India’s nationalist PM, Narendra Modi, has issued a presidential order dissolving a 72-year-old special status accommodation for the Kashmir province, meant to prevent war with Pakistan, which also claims Kashmir.

It is quite possible that Trump gave Modi a green light for this action months ago, during a so-called “anti-terrorism summit,” but whether or not, his words and actions have enabled Modi and we now have a dangerous faceoff, in one of the world’s two primary flashpoints for nuclear Armageddon.

In my opinion it’s because Trump, in addition to abandoning several important treaties and agreements, designed to preserve world order, set the standard for brazen unilateral aggression in the other most dangerous flashpoint, Israel, when he granted another nationalist PM, Benjamin Netanyahu, his ardent wish that the U.S. embassy be moved to Jerusalem, signifying Israeli dominion and contempt for multilateral accommodations in the interest of peace.

Following that, Trump immediately recognized Israel’s claim to what had been, prior to Israeli aggressions, Syria’s Golan Heights. Just as immediately, the world expressed its outrage; at what it saw as yet another Israeli aggression, in violation of international law.

But as Trump can point out, Congress, with a longstanding resolution of support, sold him the ticket to Jerusalem and it allows Israel any accommodation. To our peril.

John Costello


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