Stay cool

The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory from noon today through 11 p.m. Friday. Highs will be in the 90s, with heat index values between 100 and 110 degrees. 

Extremely high or unusually hot temperatures coupled with high humidity can have some serious effects on your health such as heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

More than 600 deaths from extreme heat events occur each year in the United States. Most vulnerable are older adults, those who work or exercise outdoors, infants and children, the homeless or poor, and people with a chronic medical condition.

Here are some important precautions you should take to avoid serious health consequences related to this extreme heat.

Stay in air-conditioned buildings. If you need a cool place to stay, public places such as local senior centers, libraries and malls are good options.

Limit outdoor activity, especially midday when it is the hottest part of the day, and avoid direct sunlight.

Wear loose, lightweight, light-colored clothing.

Never sit in a parked car or leave a child or pet in a parked car.

Drink more than usual, and don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink.

Drink from two to four cups of water every hour while working or exercising outside.

Avoid alcohol and liquids containing high amounts of sugar.

Make sure your family and pets are drinking enough water.

Regularly check on friends, loved ones and neighbors either face-to-face or via telephone.

Stay aware about your own situation as well as what’s going on around you. If you start feeling overheated, weak, dizzy, nauseated or have muscle cramps, you could be experiencing heat illness. Move to air conditioning, drink water, get under a fan and put on cool washcloths. If your symptoms worsen or don’t improve, go to the emergency room.

If you see a parked car with a child left alone, call 9-1-1 and stay with the car. If you see a pet left alone, also call 9-1-1 and don’t leave until help arrives.

If you need a cool place to visit, several local options include:


Library – 130 S. Vine St – (608) 424-1812

Black Earth

Library – 1210 Mills St – (608) 767-4905


Library – 12 W. Nelson St. – (608) 764-8102


Senior Center – 505 North Main Street – (608) 846-9469

Library – 203 Library St. – (608) 846-5482


Senior Center – 5510 Lacy Rd. – (608-270-4290

Library - 5530 Lacy Rd. – (608) 729-1760


See the City’s website to find libraries and community centers near you.



Library – 605 Waterloo Road – (608) 655-3123


Library – 102 Broadhead St. (608) 795-2104


Library – 5920 Milwaukee St. – (608) 838-9030


Senior Center – 7448 Hubbard Avenue – (608) 831-2373

Library – 7425 Hubbard Avenue – (608) 831-5564


Senior Center – 1011 Nichols Rd. (lower level)

Library – 1000 Nichols Rd. – (608) 222-6127

Mount Horeb

Senior Center – (608) 437-6902

Library – 105 Perimeter Road - (608) 437-5021


Senior Center – 219 Park St. - 608 835-5801

Library – 256 Brook St. – (608) 835-3656


Senior Center – 248 W. Main St. – (608) 873-8585

Library – 304 S. 4th St – (608) 873-6281

Sun Prairie

Library – 1350 Linnerud Dr. – (608) 825-7323


Senior Center – 108 Paoli St. – (608) 845-7471

Library – 500 Silent St. – (608) 845-7180


Senior Center – 333 S. Madison St. – (608) 849-8385

Library – 710 South St. – (608) 849-4217

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