To the editor,

Comparisons have been made between Trump’s assassination of Iranian General Soleimani and Bill Clinton’s missile strike on Iraq, just prior to his 1998 impeachment trial, which did serve as a distraction but nothing more. And even though the murder of Soleimani occurred two weeks prior to the House vote to impeach, it still may have been part of what appears to have been an effort to flood the political zone with so many accomplishments that the Democrat’s would be made to look petty and vindictive.

And it’s true, as unemployment continued to drop and the stock market hit new highs, Trump forwarded major trade deals right and left. But just as Clinton’s possibly self-serving attack on already heavily sanctioned Iraq did little to prevent his impeachment, Trump’s ill-timed, ill-favored initiative had no effect, as the Democrats pressed on through all the flak and drove their point home. Still, there was one accomplishment that really makes me wonder.

Trump’s “Deal of a Century,” so-called peace plan, was announced almost three years ago and was seldom referenced, or reported on, as Trump’s Israel/Palestine policies squeezed the life out of any chance for its success, right up to the occasion of its unveiling on the very day his lawyers closed their defense arguments on Jan. 28.

I’m not sure what the relationship between the two events could be, but I am sure of this: If Donald Trump had not been acquitted, a “peace plan” that gives Israeli hardliners everything they want, short of the removal of 6 million Palestinians, would be dead in the water. Which it surely is anyway, except as another in a long line of “peace plans” that Palestinians will reject and which Israeli leaders can point to as yet another in a long line of Palestinian rejections of “peace.”

John Costello


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