To the editor,

Oh my goodness. This writer joined with a packed house at the new PAC in the high school for an excellent presentation of “Mamma Mia!” last week. The student production was a class act and only enhanced by the new facility. I have never attended a show of any kind that received a lusty round of applause when the presenter shared some instructions. If one walked in without prior introduction, one would think you were at the Overture Center. The program was filled with any number of songs sung by an array of talented young people. Enhancing the songs and narrative was a sound system that captured our attention and imagination. Most of us have been to presentations where the sound system diluted and distracted one’s attention from the shows purpose. Please be assured folks the new PAC is a place of comfort and engagement.

This writer had the privilege of touring the facility approximately six weeks ago at the invitation of Dr. (Andrew) Briddell, so I had some advanced notice of its significance. My daughter Tracey who was part of what was then called Academy D under the direction of drama icon Gene Olson over 25 years ago, and we both noted that the "Big O' had to be smiling from his place in the sky. Every aspect of the facility is first class – Andrew, staff and school board employed one of the most distinguished arts experts in the U.S. to guide them through the process. They also visited any number of centers though out the Midwest. I join with all of you who watched the performance this last weekend in offering high praise.

And we also join with the community in appreciative praise for a job extremely well done. I respectfully encourage each of you to visit the facility. You will quickly become part of a community of supporters who will be proud to call this place home. 

Patrick Kennedy


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