Waubesa Intermediate School’s new principal, Corey Shefchik, is looking forward to becoming a Spartan once again after working with middle schoolers for 18 years.

Shefchik is making a much-anticipated move to the elementary school level as principal of Waubesa this school year.

He grew up in the Luxemburg-Casco School District in northeast Wisconsin.

“For me, this is really kind of like a homecoming of sorts, because we’re the Luxemburg-Casco Spartans,” he said.

Shefchik received his undergraduate degree in teaching from UW-Parkside before going back to the northeast side of the state for his first teaching position in Freedom.

He and his wife moved to southern Wisconsin in 2003 when he was offered a teaching job at Patrick Marsh Middle School in Sun Prairie. He spent seven years teaching reading and social studies.

Between 2005 and 2007, he took classes at Viterbo University for his master’s degree in educational leadership. He was offered his first administration job at the middle school where he was the associate principal and principal for nine years

After spending 16 years working with middle schoolers, Shefchik wanted to make the move to a younger age group.

“I’ve had aspirations of moving to the elementary level for quite some time now – about 5 (years),” he said.

He was attracted to the village’s small-town feel.

“McFarland has a really good reputation of being a very family-oriented, supportive community to schools and just a warm, welcoming community, so I wanted to be a part of that,” Shefchik said.

Shefchik has been with the McFarland School District through summer school and has met teachers from Conrad Elvehjem Primary School, as well as Waubesa. He said the school and community has exceeded his expectations since he was offered the position in late spring.

“Already Waubesa has a strong tradition of being a caring and compassionate school community and supporting the whole child,” he said. He wants to ensure students and staff are excited to go to school each day. “That’s a huge belief of mine is that we get to do this. There’s tough days no doubt, but it’s definitely a privilege.”

Coming from the middle-school level, Shefchik said he has seen children as they mature and is knowledgeable about skills kids need.

“A huge goal of mine is to ensure that all kids, no matter what their situation is, is to get them opportunities and the access to experience success,” he said.

He said he wants to make sure staff reaches every kid to keep the excitement for learning alive.

Shefchik plans to continue school traditions, like the annual Olympiad, school assemblies and Waubesa’s weekly student-led newscast.

“Because number one, when kids feel cared for and they feel like they belong, that creates excitement to want to come to school for sure,” he said. “And, of course, providing exciting and engaging opportunities for kids inside the classroom and outside as well.”

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