Ode to relationships

Just in time for Valentine's Day the McFarland United Church of Christ is hosting "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change." The event will be used as a fundraiser for the McFarland Community Food Pantry. Taking the stage will be (clockwise from top) Brooke Hauser, Phil Evans, Heather Olivia and Patrick Fernan. 

Enjoy Valentine’s Day weekend by watching a humorous portrayal of the stages of relationships, from awkward first dates to flirting at funerals with a local production of “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change.”

The production, which also serves as a fundraiser for the local food pantry, will be held at the McFarland United Church of Christ starting tonight.

“It’s such a good fit with Valentine’s Day,” Pastor Kerri Parker said.

Patrick Fernan suggested the idea of performing the musical when the church was encouraging members to form their own ministry teams.

“I said absolutely, it’s a great fit for our church,” Parker said, “by all means, let’s pull a team together.”

Fernan saw a production of “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change” in New York, where it was the second-longest running off-Broadway musical.

“I just loved it,” he said. “I thought it was hilarious and touching and I’d always wanted to do it. I thought with Valentine’s Day being on a weekend this year, we could sort of combine doing a great show getting my church involved… and then raise money for the food pantry so it was a win-win-win.”

It’s the church’s strong connection with the McFarland Community Food Pantry that lead to the decision to add the fundraising component. All of the proceeds from the production will be donated to the food pantry.

Fernan added the UCC hosts the annual Sundaes on Thursdays during the summer and donates a portion of the proceeds to the pantry. This is another opportunity to tighten the connection between the two entities.

“I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change” uses a cast of four actors, who each portray 10 characters during the two-act performance. In addition to Fernan, Phil Evans, Brooke Hauser and Heather Oliva will lend their talents to the roles. Susie Kittel Moore will accompany the group with piano.

The group has been rehearsing since December and in the last couple of weeks has really hit its stride.

Of course, with only four people in the show, the actors do have some concerns.

“Everybody’s worried about these fast costume changes because the show just flies like a runaway freight train and you’ve got to change clothes really fast,” Fernan said.

Due to the subject matter, the musical is suitable for adults and teenagers in high school.

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