When I initially joined Netflix it was for one reason — “Stranger Things.” No one could stop talking about the show when it was initially released in July 2016. But I waited until December 2017 to join the streaming service and when I did, I watched the first season in the course of two days.

Now, my favorite Hawkins, Indiana residents are back for the much anticipated third season on July 4 and I have to remind myself to pace myself when viewing the show.

One of my favorite aspects of Netflix is that it puts up the entire season of its shows up at one time. Unlike cable networks, I don’t have to wait a week between episodes to find out what happens next. This is also part of its downfall as I tend to watch the entire season in the course of a couple days. I know I’m not alone in binge watching since there will be plenty of people waiting for the new season of “Stranger Things” to start streaming and will watch the entire eight episodes in one sitting.

But, in an effort to prolong my enjoyment of the series, I’ve decided to watch two episodes a day.

The first Netflix show I decided to watch in sprints as opposed to marathon was “The Umbrella Academy,” which I had been waiting for since the series was announced. I honestly looked forward to this show more than the date announcement for the third season of “Stranger Things.” But, I knew I needed to pace myself on it even though my desire for entertainment kept telling me “just one more episode today.” Knowing myself, that one extra episode would turn into two, then three, then the entire series much like when I tell myself “I’ll read one more chapter then I’ll go to sleep.”

I found myself eager to follow the drama of “The Umbrella Academy” at a slower pace, looking forward to partaking new episodes each day until the season finale. I knew I couldn’t do the one episode per week route since my Netflix account kept reminding I still hadn’t finished the season up, but I could space it out among several days.

I know that I’ll have to avoid Twitter for a few days as other people start to post their reactions and spoilers for the show, but thankfully I’ll be camping for most of the Fourth of July weekend so it shouldn’t be an issue.

I’m eager to find out if my theories about the third season will be correct (oh yes, I have plenty of theories that could be an entire column) but I also know to take in the show slowly because we may end up waiting more than a year for the fourth season and I want to savor “Stranger Things” as long as I can.

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