I love having pockets on my pants. Seriously, I find pockets to be one of the best additions to clothing, because they provide a convenient storage space for everything I tend to carry around on a daily basis.

Recently, I went shopping for some summer clothes only to discover a pair of pants I wanted to purchase had small pockets.

Why were the denim pouches so shallow? How could they be expected to hold my license, debit card, library card, phone, keys, cash and eye drops? The pockets were only deep enough to cover my fingers and not my entire hand. It was frustrating and annoying – why couldn’t women’s pants consistently have large pockets?

The obvious answer to this predicament is to just shove everything into a purse. I have nothing against purses generally. The accessory is large enough to carry my planner, plenty of pens, a book and water bottle. My bags serve the purpose they were designed to. But, I’d rather not carry a purse with me everywhere.

When I’m out buying groceries or doing any other type of shopping, headed to a concert or taking a quick run to the bank or library, I just want to shove my cards, cash, phone and keys into my pocket and be on my way. Having to lug around a purse means there is one more thing for me to keep track of.

There’s been more than one occasion where I realize, “Shoot, I had a purse with me,” and need to retrace my steps to discover the bag carrying my essentials has thankfully not been snatched up from the table I left it at just minutes earlier.

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in my desire to have sizable pouches on my pants; there are plenty of people who wear dresses and women’s pants who express delight when they discover their clothing has pockets. There are even memes about pockets on women’s clothing.

I did a bit of digging into the history of pockets, and it seems having pouches sewn into women’s clothing goes back centuries when pockets would be worn under petticoats and other layers of clothing.

It seems that as far back as the 1700s women liked having pouches where they could store money, jewelry, spectacles, food, thimbles, knives, diaries and any other small items they wanted to keep at a close distance. In fact, according to a few websites I visited, pockets were given out as gifts.

Unfortunately, with changes in fashion, pockets became less prevalent and were replaced by purses, but just like other trends, pockets returned, this time sewn into outer dresses and the like.

As I continued to read about the history of pockets, it was noted how something so seemingly insignificant was politicized – it seemed some people were against pockets because why would women need to carry money or keys when their husband or father could carry those items for them?

I honestly never thought of the implications having pockets meant to me, that the pouches on my pants indicated I actually had enough autonomy to carry my own cash, cards, phone, keys and the like.

It seems the ability to have pockets goes much deeper than just convenience.

But seriously, what’s with the shallow, useless pockets? If only clothing manufacturers could give us all the pockets we need. I’m not saying it would end gender inequality, but it would make life a bit easier.

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