I have to make sure my dinosaurs have enough water in them. I don’t want to flood them, but I don’t want them to be dried out either. Thankfully, the plants in my dinosaurs (named Wilma and Betty) are pretty drought resistant.

A couple months ago, I found these cute dinosaur-shaped planters and was a bit bummed out I wouldn’t be able to use them for the intended purposes. A few years ago, my body decided it would be a great time to become allergic to pollen, after I had just found some plants that I could easily grow. The allergies wouldn’t be so bad if it was the typical sinus response, but my body thought it would be great for my response to pollen be itchy, watery and gunk-filled eye sockets.

My mom encouraged me to buy the pink brontosaurus and yellow stegosaurus planters, because I would find some way to utilize them, maybe as another container to collect my change or put miscellaneous items. There was also the slight potential for putting plants in the dinosaurs.

I searched online to see what plants are good for people who are allergic to pollen but still want live greenery. Succulents, air plants and cactus were the top three results for pollen-free plants. I was familiar with the hens and chicks variety of succulents, because my parents liked to plant that greenery among their flowers.

Since last month, I looked at various stores for succulents only to discover most of the greenery they were selling was the plantus plasticus sort, and I was hoping for something that emits oxygen. Any of the live plants I found were already part of a planter, and I didn’t want to buy the item only to transplant the succulents into the dinosaurs.

A couple of plants arrived for me Sunday. My parents had been out buying flowers for their yards and decided to pick up a few pollen-free plants for me to use. They would have invited me to the nurseries but decided it would be better to not assault my senses and irritate my allergies with plentiful pollen.

It only took a few minutes to plant the succulents in my dinosaurs, but I was just happy to be able to work with greenery without my eyes getting gross.

Currently, Betty and Wilma are sitting on my window ledge at work and the succulents seem to like the sun exposure. And, even better, my allergies haven’t acted up.

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