To the editor,

This month’s mainstream media reporting has, so far, been completely taken with Barr’s May 1 Senate testimony, contempt of Congress charge and Trump’s rejection of the House’s subpoena powers. Big issues no doubt, but other events have transpired as well.

Also May 1 and again May 2, ICBMs are launched from California to targets in the Asian Pacific.

A few days later, North Koreans launch missiles in a show of strength.

May 4, a deadly altercation at the ongoing Israeli border wall protests led to even deadlier exchanges of rocket fire from Gaza and air strikes from Israel.

May 5, NSA chief John Bolton announces that a carrier group is steaming toward the Persian Gulf in response to unnamed Iranian threats to U.S. and U.S. allies’ interests.

May 6, the U.N. releases its finding that over 1 million species are in imminent danger of extinction.

Our news media never reported that the Korean missile launches followed on the heels of the U.S. launches.

They barely reported that Palestinians had waited months for Israel to live up to its Egyptian brokered agreement to ease its blockade of Gaza and that its snipers had switched from legs to heads.

As to the coincidence of Bolton’s announcement of the “message” to Iran coming the day after Israel began bombing Gaza; one question was posed to U.S. officials. AP asked (Secretary of State Mike) Pompeo whether the “message” has anything to do with what’s happening in Gaza.

His answer: “This is separate from that.”

No follow-up, despite the obvious ambiguity of his reply. Thankfully, due to my relative obscurity, I feel free to criticize our alliance with Israel and to suggest that the tail might just be wagging the dog.

BTW, nobody asked any one of the more than a million imperiled species how they felt about anything.

John Costello


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