The Rock-Koshkonong Lake District (RKLD) Board of Commissioners has hired the Jefferson-based law firm of Thompson Legal, LLC, on an “as needed” basis.

The action was taken during the board’s Dec. 3 meeting held at the Edgerton City Hall.

During a previous meeting, RKLD Chairman Alan Sweeney noted that he and RKLD Commissioner Mike Shumaker had identified two area law firms that might be tapped to help the district with legal matters, cited by Sweeney as primarily work related to reviewing contracts.

The other firm was Madison-based Stafford Rosenbaum, LLP.

In their proposals, both firms cited experience in working with lake districts.

Work performed by Thompson Legal for RKLD will be done at the following rates: $175 per hour for work performed by attorney Danielle Thompson, $150 per hour for work performed by her partner, and $16 per hour for work performed by legal assistants or other office personnel, the firm’s submitted proposal stated.

No retainers are involved and the proposed fees are not attached to a time-specific contract, Sweeney said.

A proposal submitted by Stafford and Rosenbaum outlined fees ranging between $295 per hour for partners and $125 per hour for clerks and paralegals.

Responding to the Milton Courier’s questions, RKLD Treasurer Mark Meyer, who was elected to the board in August, said he was unsure of the hourly rate charged by attorney William O’Connor of Madison-based Wheeler Van Sickle & Anderson S.C., for past work done for the RKLD board.

Pointing to an agreement transferring ownership of the Indianford dam from Rock County to RKLD drafted by O’Connor in 2003, Meyer said he believed O’Connor began providing legal counsel to RKLD on or near that date.

Meyer said this month, a meeting is being planned with Thompson Legal to discuss “financial initiatives” to be undertaken by RKLD, with hopes, he said, that he would be able to present those initiatives during the board’s next meeting.

“We want to collect financial data and archive as much as possible over the past seven years,” Meyer said.

Among challenges, he said, prior to August of 2016, some accounts with RKLD activity were held with BMO Harris under an individual’s name.

Board members requested bank information, but were denied access because the individual named as the account holder needed to make the request, Meyer said.

“In August (2016), that’s when we switched to First Community Bank of Milton, and I have access to that,” Meyer said.

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