When Milton Historical Society Executive Director and Milton College Preservation Society Interim Program Coordinator Kari Klebba tendered her resignation earlier this month, she left big shoes to fill, according to both Milton Historical Society Board President Mike Pierce and Milton College Preservation Society Board President Doug Welch. 

Both board presidents said Klebba’s last day in her roles as executive director with the historical society and interim program coordinator with the college preservation society will be Nov. 22. The two societies are independent organizations each governed by a separate board. 

Klebba tendered her resignation after accepting a position as communication and community outreach coordinator with the Milton school district. She will begin in her new role on Nov. 25. 

According to Pierce and Welch, both organizations will be holding board meetings this month to determine how best to proceed with finding Klebba’s replacements. 

Said Pierce: “Our next meeting is Tuesday night (Nov. 12). The board will meet and decide the next steps. We haven’t done a whole lot yet, we are just getting started with getting our job description together, and there is going to be a process … this is going to take a little time. I think we will have to put out for applications.” 

The board would likely meet Tuesday in closed session, Pierce said.

Pierce said Klebba has served in her role as executive director of the historical society for just over four years. 

“Kari is doing a great job. She will be hard to replace, but I think there are people out there. This is a lot harder than other jobs; it takes a special person to do that. 

“Milton House is a big thing for Milton and having the right person in there will be very important,” Pierce said.   

Said Welch: “We have had a great relationship with Kari for the last year, and the agreement always was for an interim program coordinator. Over the last couple of months or so we have stabilized the Milton College Preservation Society staff with Mieke (Miller) and Kim (Klawitter), so Kari has been stepping back a bit.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity that has come up for Kari," he said of the communication coordinator position with the school district.

The board’s next meeting is scheduled for Nov. 21, at which time steps towards staffing adjustments will be discussed, Welch said.  

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