Over the next couple months, the Milton Public Library will be going through a strategic planning process to determine goals for the next three years, according to Milton Public Library Director Ashlee Kunkel.

The plan will provide guidance for library staff and the Library Board on how to better serve the community and surrounding area, she said.

“The last time the library went through this process, it was determined that the library would need more space ... We also wanted to maintain the library’s presence as a community center... And as always, we wanted to increase awareness of the library’s relevance,” Kunkel said.

According to Kunkel, library services look different than they did in 2012, the time of the last strategic plan. Seven years from now, they will also look different, she said.

“Even three years from now. Technology, as always, will affect us,” she said, asking: “but what else may change the way libraries serve their communities?

“Thankfully, we have an amazing building, a hard-working and enthusiastic staff, and wonderful community support. But what other opportunities do we have? How can we be better? What more can we do for Milton?”

To initiate the process, Kunkel said, library staff is asking community members and library patrons to complete an online survey. The survey can be found on the library’s website: www.miltonpubliclibrary.org.

“We would like your feedback on our collection, programming, staff, building, services and more. The results will allow us to better evaluate our services to see if there are areas of improvement. As a ‘thank you’ for completing the survey, you’ll be given the chance to win $50 worth of gift certificates to local businesses. The survey deadline is Dec. 13,” Kunkel said.

Along with the survey, focus groups of community members, library staff, and library administration will also be held. The groups will focus on collecting input on past, present and future library services. Focus groups will likely begin meeting in January, she said.

Said Kunkel: “We are so proud of what the library has accomplished so far, including being named Wisconsin Library of the Year. But we’re always looking at ways to be better and to serve better. I’m excited for the future of the library, and I hope (community members) are, too.”

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