Detour ahead

A new lift station soon to be installed along Parkview Drive will connect using both force main and gravity systems to this lift station, designated No. 4, located near city hall. Road closures along Parkview Drive and Janesville Street, and a detour onto High Street are anticipated with this project.

Several road closures and a detour will be required to continue connections between lift station No. 12, which will soon be constructed on Parkview Drive, and the city’s existing wastewater sewer system, according to Mark Langer, project engineer with Baxter and Woodman, the city’s hired consulting engineering firm.

Parkview Drive closure

According to Langer, while lift station No. 12, itself, will be erected on the east side of Parkview Drive, in front of Crossridge Park, a gravity sewer line will extend to the west side of Parkview Drive. Its construction will require a road closure on Parkview sometime later this month, he said.

Janesville Street closure

Lift station No. 12 will convey flow through Crossridge Park and along Arthur Drive via a force main that will discharge to a gravity sewer east of Janesville Street. The force main will cross Janesville Street south of Arthur Drive.

“This could happen late next week or the following week. Janesville Street will be closed to traffic during this work,” Langer said.

The flow is then conveyed to lift station No 4, located near Milton City Hall, via a gravity sewer. Lift station No. 4 conveys flow to an interceptor. The interceptor then conveys flow via gravity to the city’s wastewater treatment plant, 41 North Street, Langer said.

Online sources define an interceptor as a component within a sewer network that helps to control flow. The interceptor receives flow from trunk sewer lines and sometimes from stormwater runoff, and directs it to a wastewater treatment plant.

State Road 59 detour

According to Langer, the gravity sewer will connect to an existing sanitary sewer near the center of State Road 59, east of Janesville Street. Traffic traveling eastbound on State Road 59 will be detoured to old State Road 59, also known as High Street, during this work, he said.

The detour will begin Monday, July 22, and is anticipated to remain in place for one week, Langer said.

Citywide system

Describing the larger citywide sewer network, Langer said, lift station No. 4, near city hall, conveys flow through a force main and discharges to an interceptor sewer near the intersection of High Street and Sunnyside Drive. Lift stations Nos. 3 and 11 also discharge to this interceptor, he said.

Including the new lift station (No. 12) near Parkview Drive, there are 11 lift stations in the city’s wastewater collection system. Lift station No. 1 is the city’s effluent pumping station. It conveys treated wastewater from the city’s wastewater treatment plant to the Rock River, Langer said.

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