City Council meets

The following business was conducted by the City of Milton Common Council on Nov. 19:  

MAYC façade Improvement grant approved 

Council approved a Façade Improvement Program grant in the amount of $5,000 requested by ARAK Properties, LLC. The company owns the buildings occupied by the Milton Area Youth Center (MAYC), 237 and 303 Vernal Avenue. 

Funds will be used to install new windows and paint building exteriors. The full cost of the project is $11,960, according to the grant application. Work will begin as soon as weather permits, the application stated.  

John Paul truck route designation removed 

Council approved an ordinance removing the through truck route designation on John Paul Road along a section between State Highway 59, or Madison Avenue, and the city’s northern limit near Sunset Drive. 

In a memo to council, City Administrator Al Hulick wrote that North John Paul Road begins in the city and extends into the town of Milton, terminating on North Janesville Street. “At some point in history,” Hulick wrote, the town reclassified its portion of the road, making it a non-through truck route. The inconsistency in truck route designations could confuse truck drivers, resulting in illegal truck travel as a driver crosses into the town. According to Hulick, with no businesses along the identified section of the road, it was the city’s opinion that a through truck route designation was not needed. Officials believing, instead, Hulick wrote, that a consistent truck designation along the road would be more prudent and less confusing.  

Red Hawk Farm third phase improvements accepted 

Council voted in favor of accepting public improvements as completed within the “First Addition,” or third phase of the Red Hawk Farms subdivision. 

The accepted public improvements include public streets, sanitary sewer, water distribution and water surface drainage facilities, as described by City Administrator Al Hulick in a memo to council. The improvements must be accepted by the city before residents can take occupancy of homes within the phase of the subdivision, Hulick wrote. The city engineer has inspected and approved the improvements, which, upon acceptance, become city property. The improvements come with a one-year warranty, according to Hulick.   

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